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About the Open-Source Tool...

What is ProactiveRA?

ProactiveRA is an open-source solution to cover your Revenue-Assurance needs. It is simple, yet effective. The tool covers all angles of a RA solution: collecting, decoding, loading, processing, investigating and displaying data. It offers a professional dashboard that can be personalized and give your RA reports great visibility in your organization.

Is it Free?

ProactiveRA is an open-source solution and can be downloaded for free under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Does it include an ETL?

The solution includes a catalog of korn shell scripts to handle extract and load tasks. A number of different extract methods are available, including extract files from a local or remote directory, ftp processing, extract data by running a query on an external database. If you prefer using your current ETL tool , you can easily interface it with the ProactiveRA data-model.

Does it include a Dashboard?

The ProactiveRA dashboard is based on the solution provided by Liferay. You need to download the Liferay software to install the ProactiveRA solution. Our package includes a number of different portlets that interface with the Liferay dashboard and allow you to interact with the data processed with the solution.

Does it include a Reporting Tool?

ProactiveRA is not a reporting tool and does not replace a tool like CrystalReport. It offers a number of dashboard-portlets that display data from the RA database in pre-defined ways. It allow users to interact and navigate through the data, but does not substitute the need for a complete reporting tool. The Dashboard can be interfaced with a tool like BusinessObjects/Infoview. You can delegate your custom reporting to an external tool, schedule the execution of your reports and make them available to the dashboard via PDF files. The dashboard can present a restricted list of reports to each dashboard-user, depending on their roles.

Does it include a Cron Utility Tool?

Yes. The Unix scripts provided include a cron utility script that can schedule jobs required for the daily operations of the tool. In production mode, however, we recommend using either the core unix cron functionnality or any other equivalent cron tool.

Can it decode proprietary formats?

Decoders of proprietary formats that are linked to the acceptance of a license agreement cannot be distributed as part of an Open-Source solution. The decoding of proprietary formats can be developped as an external decoder that can be interfaced with the tool. ProactiveRA has developped decoders for roaming files (TAP 3.11 format) and other binary formats (3GPP, Lucent, etc) and can be contacted for support developping decoders of these common formats.

About ProactiveRA...

Who is ProactiveRA?

ProactiveRA is a company registered in France, providing services around the deployment of the Open-Source solution, revenue assurance and fraud services.

About the tool's installation...

Can I download install instructions?

Install Documentation is not yet available online. A page is available with some basic instructions on how to install the tool. Don't hesitate in submitting your own questions to enrich the page.

Do I need to download any other 3rd-party tools?

The following third-party software is required for the good functioning of the tool:

  • Java Runtime 1.6 or later (provided by default with the Liferay bundled with tomcat download)
  • jQuery plugin, version 1.2.6 or later
  • Google's ExplorerCanvas plugin (required to make HTML-5 graphs available in Internet Explorer version 8 or earlier)
  • Google's swfobject plugin, version 2.1 or later (required to make Action-Script Flash graphs available)
  • Oracle JDBC driver
The scripts give me the following error: "ksh:...Not found"

You probably need to convert the scripts from a DOS format to a UNIX format with the command dos2unix.

The scripts give me the following error: "Cannot execute"

You need to add execution rights to the scripts: chmod a+x *.ksh

About the TAC database...

What is a TAC Database?

TAC is the acronym for "Type Allocation Code". It is the first 8 digits of the IMEI, code that uniquely identifies a wireless device. The TAC code identifies the brand/model of a wireless phone, tablet or other. By building a reference list of all the TAC codes of the most common wireless devices, you can then confront that list with the list of IMEIs of your customers and know more about the devices that they're using. You can then start segmenting your customers by all the dimensions available in the TAC database: 2G/3G/4G, Smartphone vs. Feature Phone, Os, WiFi enable, etc.

Is the TAC database provided as part of the Open-Source solution?

No. ProactiveRA can assist you build and maintain your own TAC database, with the dimensions that are of interest to yout corpany. The TAC database is constantly evolving overtime as new models are put on the market. ProactiveRA can maintain the database for you or empower you to perform this task.

Can I buy a complete and exhaustive TAC database from ProactiveRA?

No. You can contract services from ProactiveRA to build your own TAC database. ProactiveRA will assist you extract and format the raw information that can be gathered from various sources like the GSM Association, your own inventory database of handsets, etc. and complete it with its own database of devices to enrich the TAC database with more reporting dimensions (is the device a 2G, 3G, 4G? WiFi enabled? etc.)

How do I join the team?...

How can I help?

ProactiveRA is an open-source solution. If you want to submit improvements to the existing release, new portlets or suggestions, please use the form attached to the right side of the page. We welcome help and suggestions.

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