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ProactiveRA's software is Open Source! Save yourself some money and focus your investments on improving the monitored platforms & processes. Minimize your total cost-of-ownership. Get the ProactiveRA solution now, it's easy to deploy and customize.

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RA is so much more than a tool. Contact ProactiveRA Consulting and review the risk areas in your architecture, define controls and KPIs to monitor the situation, manage alarms, review processes, report to upper-management and more.

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TAC Database

ProactiveRA is not only about Revenue Assurance. The TAC database can assist you identify and segment the devices on your network. Quantify your 4G-ready population, review handsets used by roamers, evaluate candidates for a device-upgrade, etc.

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Case Studies

Take a look at some of the case studies presenting the ProactiveRA solution and its benefits

  • Control your BlackBerry Invoice

    The successful business model for RIM is based on charging operators a recurring fee for each active BlackBerry user. The reference for identifying "active" subscribers, and therefore calculating the monthly invoice, is stored in a proprietary RIM database. The challenge for operators and the revenue assurance department then becomes: how can I validate the invoice received each month from RIM? ProactiveRA can help you with this task by providing access to an extractor that will query the RIM database.

  • Monitor your Call Center

    Monitoring the performance of your call center and analyzing the data captured by your CRM system can help you measure your customer satisfaction. How much time do your customers spend waiting before being attended and helped? Is there any time of the day more critical? What are the most common requests and how long does it take you in average to complete them? This data can help you plan for the future and anticipate your customers needs. ProactiveRA can capture this data and present high-value management reports.

  • Revenue Streams

    Out of 100 CDRs produced by your switch, how many of them constitute billable usage and how many of those reach billing succesfully? Can you account for 100% of all the other CDRs and can you justify why they've been discarded as non-billable? Many RA tools have a view per service type that partialy answers this question. ProactiveRA provides you with end-to-end views of your revenue streams to stay in control and view the big picture in a glance.

Why an Open-Source Software?

Where to begin... Here's our Top 5!

  • Revenue Assurance is not so much about the tool as it is about the attitude. The right attitude is worth millions of lines of code. We're sharing the tool so that you can focus on what really matters.
  • We all use freeware and open-source solutions in some form or another, don't we? We believe we owe to give something back to the community whenever we can.
  • We believe there's interest out-there for a strong and relevant open-source solution in Revenue Assurance. Bringing our offer to the market is our way of capturing interest and attracting forces to build a strong path for the future of the tool.
  • Open-source solutions are all about building a community of users that share common needs. Engaging customers and deciding together about the future of the solution is a sure way of building strong relationships with partners. Priceless.
  • Most importantly...There's incredible value in trying something that has not been done before!!!

If you don't measure it, you can't control it.